How to send XML file from AEM DAM to InDesign server?



I'm creating XML file pragmatically in AEM DAM. I want send this created XML file to Adobe INDesign server automatically. And I want to import this XML file in InDesign server.

1) How can I send created XML file to InDesign server automatically after file creation in AEM DAM?

2) How can I integrate AEM DAM with InDesign server?

Please help me. I'm new with AEM and InDesign server.





I would research that Server's SDK capabilities. Using the SDK, determine if you can write a Restful endpoint that can accept an XML document.

I would post a question in that products forum too in the Creative Cloud Community.

Then once you do that - write a custom AEM workflow/workflow step that can read the XML from the AEM DAM and use Java HTTP API to send the XML as an attachment to the inDesign Server.