Scene 7 UI and req= results not what expected




I'm trying to use image map data in a script where I need the coords of either. Two problems:

1. If I set a rectangular image map shape (via the scene7 UI), when I use req=map, text or XML, I get what should have been shape="rect" as follows: coords 33,124,33,273,176,273,176,124 shape="poly".

2. If I set a zoom target in the same area (also deleting the image map to try to reduce any conflict) and try to return any data from req=targets,XML I get nothing except a closing . In each I've cleared the CDN cache on the assets between trying both approaches.

Is there a way to force the shape="rect" for Image Map request? Or is there some algorithm/function to convert the rectangular "poly" coordinates to standard set of 4?

Also, any ideas why trying to request zoom targets returns nothing?