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How to restore the blueprint content after cancelling the inheritance on a component in AEM 6.2


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I was referring the below documentation for the blueprint, live-copy concept found a statement stating " Starting AEM 6.2, reverting inheritance does not anymore automatically trigger a rollout ".

If i need to automate the rollout on revert inheritance do i need any extra configurations.? ( Basically i am looking for same behavior of the AEM 6.1 of the revert inheritance load Blueprint data in AEM 6.2 )





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The revert-inheritance button changes its behaviour as consitency was needed.This now solely allows resumes inheritance from the next roll-out

As the cancel button only pauses inheritance from the next roll-out

No update of the content is triggered nor on Page, PageProperty or Component level

Ghost-Components remain.


NOTE: the LiveStatus frames turn green. Indicating that the Page/Component is inheriting.

This is not to be confused with the content is the same in Blueprint and LiveCopy


The remove mentions that reverting inheritance automatically triggers a rollout which was the old behavior.

Now reverting inheritance does not trigger a rollout as per the changed/new behavior

A general recommendation is that if a user wishes to trigger a rollout after reverting inheritance, they must do this as a separate step.


See: https://docs.adobe.com/docs/en/aem/6-1/administer/sites/msm/msm-livecopy.html