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How to --reliably-- sync content between 2 AEM instances?


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problem: I've been using VLT to sync the content but quite often (and normally present in large folders), VLT will encounter an error and will throw an exception.



- The 2 AEM environment have separate servers for author, publisher and dispatcher.

- The 2 AEM environments are hosted by different providers.


Thank you.



- I do not want to use packages since this means I will be losing versions and I need the versions.

- Somebody in another thread mentioned crx2oak but reading the AEM page for the tool, I do not think I can use that in our scenario (both environments are hosted by 2 providers).

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Hi @jayv25585659 ,


Please refer this to sync content between 2 or more instances. 



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-Can you please add the error screenshot which is being thrown out of VLT?

-Also, which AEM On Prem versions are in play?




Also, it appears, VLT is best suited for this usecase. Hence, I would suggest to troubleshoot the error you are encountering and get it fixed.