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How to enable Content Fragments for local development?


Level 5

In AEMaaCS, I see a folder for Content Fragments on the dashboard:




On my local SDK, however, I do not see this option listed.


What are the steps to enable this option for local development?

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Level 5

Hi @Shashi_Mulugu -


I have enabled Content Fragment Models at the global configuration:




and I have verified that my root DAM asset (e.g., /content/dam/mysite) folder has the corresponding configuration:





What am I missing? It still doesn't pop up on the main dashboard.  I have a dozen or so content fragment models defined and working in Prod... just trying to add another model and verify it locally before blindly promoting up config/code.


Level 1

I have this exact same problem. It bothered me so much, I opened a trial to be able to continue this tutorial: https://experienceleague.adobe.com/docs/experience-manager-learn/getting-started-with-aem-headless/g...

And... It happened there too. the panel for going to Content Fragments wasn't available. Except, there is this tutorial with links on the home page of Experience Manager in my trial, and it has a link to the Content Fragments editor. Once there, I was able to create my first Content Fragment. Once it was created, I check using another tab, and the panel had finally appeared in the Navigation.


So it would seem like a Content Fragment must already exist for the panel to become available. Perhaps one can be pre-loaded from a project?