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How to create Translation Project Templates with predefined Languages selected Or Clone a previous sample Project.


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We have our site translated into 18 different language masters. We want to improve the efficiencies for our authoring team to create translations projects by defaulting some project properties by default



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To create a translation project template with predefined languages selected:

  1. Go to the Projects console.
  2. Click Create.
  3. Select the Translation Project template.
  4. On the Basic tab, enter a name for your project template.
  5. On the Advanced tab, in the Target Languages section, select the languages that you want to include in the project.
  6. Click Create.

To clone a previous sample project:

  1. Go to the Projects console.
  2. Find the sample project that you want to clone.
  3. Click the Clone button.
  4. Enter a name for the cloned project.
  5. Click Clone.

The cloned project will have the same properties as the sample project, including the selected target languages.

The following documentation from Adobe AEM provides more details on how to create and manage translation projects:


Kautuk Sahni