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How to create custom template for AEM Community site ?


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I have created a community site using the AEM Communities. Now I have some components and design which I have been using in my other websites and I have installed the same bundles here. All the bundles are in Active status, but when I author using the components, corresponding styles are not applied. Also I need to make changes to the existing Bootstrap template, but I am confused how to do it. When I create the community site, it is asking me to select either the default `We-Retail` design or any one of the bootstrap based templates. Also I can see in the apps folder there are some we-retaile related folder but don't know how to create similar kind of customisations to the community that I have created. I was expecting to see a folder inside the apps folder when I create a community, but it is not there. I am new to AEM and it will be helpful if someone can point me in the correct direction. 


I already have clientlibs which are related to the the theme and components I am using in the other sites. I need them here in the Community Landing Page (Webpage) so that it will look same as that of the other sites I have. I have tried to locate the corresponding page in /libs, but I am not able to find the page there. 


Update : I was able to find the page which is at /libs/social/console/components/hbs/sitepage/sitepage.hbs and replicared this to /apps/social/console/components/hbs/sitepage/my-community.hbs. Now I am not sure where this file name should be added. 



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I would route you to the Support for this.


Kautuk Sahni