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How the assets to be Created/Copied from "a" location to "b" location when it is uploaded to DAM?


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I have a situation like the Assets to be copied/created to the new location when it's uploaded to the DAM.

I am using the EventListener to this Job. It is working perfectly for the first time means EVent.Nodecreated it working but when I use the Property.Changed|| Property.added.. its not working very well.

Are there any better solutions to do this? Please lead me the way which is best?


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when it should happen on upload, you can add a final step to the asset update workflow. This workflow might be invoked multiple times on an asset, so make sure that you don't copy if it's already a the right location.



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if you just only need to move or copy an asset if it's uploaded into a specific folder, I think that the correct way is to use a custom workflow and a new launcher on this specific path.

You just only need to create a new launcher on the path and points to a new workflow model (just copy and paste of the default DAM Update Asset) and then add your custom step to copy/move the asset.

Keep in mind that you need to have the launcher on "Create", "Modify" and "Remove" event if you want to copy/move everytime that you make some changes into the original path.

Let me know if you need some other info.