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how do I configure AEM to use HTTP instead of HTTP when creating links?


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might be best with examples.


1. in my RTE component, I created a link to "/content/mysite/en".

2. using the built-in image component, I configured to link to "/content/mysite/en".


in both examples, the rendered page uses HTTP. I want it to use HTTPS. I'm trying to avoid writing a custom Java code if there's a built-in solution already available.


some info:

Thank you.


PS. I had a look at sling mappings (which I'm done in the past but had to revisit) and I'm unsure if it can do what I want.

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Hi @jayv25585659 ,

1. Do you have SSL configured for the website to using HTTPS ?

2. Are you testing your scenarios in author instance ?



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Thanks for the reply @milind_bachani 

I've edited the original post to answer your questions.