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How can I stop CQ 5.5 wrapping iparsys content in <div class=“iparys_inherited”>?


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(This question is also posted on Stack Overflow, in case you prefer to answer there.)

I’m working on a CQ 5.5 site. On our home page, I’m using an iparsys to inherit navigation from our root page:

<cq:include path="navigation" resourceType="foundation/components/iparsys" />

When I view the home page on our publish server, the navigation is rendered wrapped in a <div> with a class of “iparys_inherited”:

(Please note: this is not a typo on my part, this is the exact HTML we’re seeing.)

<div class="iparys_inherited"><!-- iparsys content appears here --></div>

We include a global JSP file in all our pages that, amongst other things, calls com.day.cq.wcm.api.components.ComponentContext.setDefaultDecorationTagName to turn off decoration tags in publish mode:


But this seems to have no effect on the iparys_inherited <div>.

Is there a way to stop this wrapper <div> being rendered?

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