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[GraphQL] can the GraphQL API work with the Cloud User Group (CUG)?


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hi All,


Did anyone try to apply Cloud User Group (CUG) when working with GraphQL API?

Any experience can be shared? 

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@baoyu_li Can you please explain your usecase more? Interested to see your problem stmt and would like to know if you have solved it...but as i write this message, AEM graphQL delivery is new and i dont think many started using it part of solutions yet.


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we need AEM to host content in a headless manner. exposing content via GraphQL is promising.

in some use cases we need these content to be protected:

  • if someone get the URL of these content they cannot load them in browser unless login.
  • protected content need to be separated by roles also. role A users can not see content belongs to role B users, after login.