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Getting the user who activated/published the page


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I'm trying to send an email notification after a user publishes/activates a page via a workflow. The problem is the user i''m getting on the email details is not correct. Do you know how can i get the user who made the activation?

Note: I've already tried from https://docs.adobe.com/docs/en/cq/5-6-1/administering/notification.html



Thanks in advance

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We can get the information about this from Audit logs. 

1. open a page.

2. From Sidekick, select tab with lock icon, click Audit Log

From here you can get the activity log for this page.

AEM WCM Auditing records within the repository

Within the /var/audit folder, audit records are held according to the resource. You can drill down until you can see the individual records and the information they contain.

These entries hold the same information as shown when editing a page.

OSGi Audit records from the Web Console

OSGi events also generate audit records which can be seen from the Configuration Status tab -> Log Files tab in the Adobe CQ Web Console:


AEM can store and provide audit log entries for WCM events like e.g. page modifications, deletion. But it requires the audit logger to be enabled (through the configuration admin console /system/console/configMgr). If this is the case then check either the audit.log file in your logs directory or the audit records below /var/audit


I hope this would help you a bit.

Thanks and Regards

Kautuk Sahni

Kautuk Sahni


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Thanks Kautuk for the help.

Actually what i was trying to accomplish is for the Workflow notification email to get the user who activated/published the page on the en.txt file.
using the particpant.name and initiator.name only gives me the following "Administrator/admin" sad


subject=Workflow notification: ${event.EventType}

header=-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------\n \
Time: ${event.TimeStamp}\n \
Step: ${item.node.title}\n \
User: ${participant.name} (${participant.id})\n \
Workflow: ${model.title}\n \