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Full text search does not return Content Fragment content embedded within a Page


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Issue: Full text search does not return Content Fragment content embedded within a Page. I am using the core Content Fragment component to include the content fragment in the page.

Environment Details:

AEM version = 6.5.5
Core component version = 2.12.0

Related issue on this forum ( Not answered ): https://experienceleaguecommunities.adobe.com/t5/adobe-experience-manager/does-aem-query-builder-api...

My analysis so far:

  • The core Content Fragment component was moved out of the extensions folder ( i.e. from /apps/core/wcm/extension/components/contentfragment/v1/contentfragment TO /apps/core/wcm/components/contentfragment/v1/contentfragment) starting Core component release version 2.4.0
  • Now when we add a content fragment component onto a page, it does not add a "text" property to the content fragment content node
  • For example, please refer below snapshot:
    image (1).png

  • So I installed a fresh a AEM 6.5.5 instance (it embeds Core component 2.3.2 by default).
    When I add a CF component to a page it now adds a text property to the content node & I'm able to run full-text search on CF content included within my page.
    image (2).png
  •  I am not able to figure how this text property is added ( I have compared core CF component version 2.3.2 with higher versions). Would really appreciate any insight this group can provide.



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The core component CF and Foundation CF, both works differently.

dam/cfm/components/contentfragment create nodes in a content tree but core components read it from reference similar to experience fragments.

Arun Patidar


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Thanks for the reply Arun.
But in my case I have never used the foundation CF component.
The fulltext search works fine when I use Core CF component ( version 2.3.2) but does not work if I use any higher version ( I have tried Core CF component version 2.4.0 & 2.12.0)