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Extending AEM Touch UI Inbox


Level 2

I am working on a change to extend AEM Touch UI inbox by adding a new column and show payload in table like we do in Classic UI. I know payload can be accessed by selecting item and click on view payload but requires couple of extra mouse clicks.

I have not been able to find any helpful information regarding extending Touch UI inbox and it looks like it may not have been designed for extensibility based on the information I have gathered but I may wrong.


Can members share their thoughts, experiences if any has worked on extending Touch UI inbox.


Thanks in Advance!

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Hi @pankaj49319 

Touch UI inbox is based on the hidden implementation from the API - com.adobe.granite.workflow.*

On a high level, below method is responsible for the same. 

Given this, extension in this case will be like rewriting whole of the implementation. 


Level 2

Thank you @Vijayalakshmi_S, appreciate your feedback.
I have also reached the same conclusion, looking for alternative options.