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Exadel Authoring Kit: AEM Tool with Impact by exadel


The average AEM developer is forced to interact with four heterogeneous types of software entities:Java, HTML, XML, and JS/CSS codes. Code-jumping in this way is no easy task and finding a way to streamline the process, by eliminating certain entities and reducing them to others, would relieve a lot of distraction.

XML is probably the very part that can be eliminated by auto-generation, which speeds up AEM content management and development. Realizing how much time can be saved and how feature-rich an AEM website can become, we came up with an extension called the Exadel Authoring Kit.

The history of the Exadel Authoring Kit in building AEM components
The Kit originated as an AEM tool for automating the creation of AEM TouchUI dialogs. Since our team had to facilitate hundreds of legacy AEM components in a new AEM TouchUI-based platform, the creation of the Exadel Authoring Kit was a crucial development in streamlining tasks and increasing productivity. Consequently, we decided in favor of helping developers and chose a Java-friendly approach.

Now, the Kit is continually growing into the go-to AEM tool that enterprise-level projects rely on if they’re dealing with large amounts of web pages.

What is the Exadel Authoring Kit’s approach as a dedicated AEM tool?
Abandoning heavy XML configs in favor of annotation-driven configuration is somewhat of a trend in the Java world. We see the same trend in Spring application development. In the AEM content management and development there are solutions that are fairly similar to ours. So, our approach is not unique ideologically, but it provides advanced quality and design and added efficiency.

The advantage of the Exadel Authoring Kit is that it is fully TouchUI-oriented, compatible with the modern AEM flavors, including AEMaaCS, and the Kit is not limited to just dialogs. It aims to provide a continuous, internally consistent, well-tested, and reliable development and authoring experience.

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Exadel Authoring Kit: AEM Tool with Impact


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