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\/etc/design approach - reading from 2 different /etc/design node on same page


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Hi all,

We have a requirement for universal header and footer. 
We have 10 sites. All of these 10 sites will be using same header and footer to make sure all  of them gets same branding experience. One section of header (top part) remains common to all sites and 2nd section of header (lower part) changes from site to site (site1 , site2 , site3....)
So for header section we have 2 component:
1. Global Header Component  
- This contains content which is common to all the sites
This stores at /etc/design/global-header
2. Site Specific Header Component 
- This contains content which is specific to that site
This stores at :
What is the best appraoch for handle this situation. I want to use /etc/design so that we do not need to author header for each page. In page property I can assign only one design path (/etc/design/site1-header) so how do i make sure that i include both of the design paths on same page:
One way to solve this is to include one design path using page property and second design path include in JSP template using <c:import url="/etc/designs/global-header/jcr:content/global.html"/>
All I am trying to do is reduce any duplicate authoring or mainataining common content at more than 2 places.
I think this is a classic problem and someone of you must have encountered this scenario.
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We've seen that you asked for information on another channel and got quite a few answers. We hope that helped, feel free to use the forums again if you have any other questions.