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Error: Failed to fetch _devPagesManifest.json.


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I have implemented WKND AEM SPA using Next.js + GraphQL.
My NextJS application is working on localhost:3000 successfully and no error on fetching _devPagesManifest.json

but when opening it on AEM localhost:4502, I am getting an issue "Error: Failed to fetch _devPagesManifest.json".

When checked-

(working) on frontend application, the URL is- localhost:3000/_next/static/development/_devPagesManifest.json

(not working) on AEM author, the URL is giving 404- http://localhost:4502/_next/static/development/_devPagesManifest.json


I believe on AEM too, it should be requested from 3000 port instead of 4502. Where can this be defined- any configs or settings?
Any help will be appreciated!

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@Himanshu_Jain @Jörg_Hoh @BrianKasingli @SantoshSai @Bhuwan_B 

I kindly request you to take a moment to look into this AEM question and share your expertise on this. If possible, could you provide the author with some guidance or direction to help resolve the problem?

Kautuk Sahni