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Error encountered while attempting to create language copy


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Im observing the below error in logs, while attempting to create the language copy as per the documentation. I have selected the Microsoft trial license for the same. Is the any other configurations needed prior to translation ?


*ERROR* [JobHandler: /var/workflow/instances/server0/2021-11-02/sync_translation_job_15:/content/projects/create_french_languagecopy0/create_french_language_copy/jcr:content/dashboard/gadgets/translationjob] com.adobe.cq.wcm.translation.impl.CQPageMachineTranslator Error while translating property
com.adobe.granite.translation.api.TranslationException: Error Code: TRANSLATION_FAILED. Message: Error Code: REQUEST_FAILED. Message: Access token creation failed for unknown reason. Maybe bad credentials?

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Hi @binoyp73053411 


The credentials that you provided for your Microsoft Translator account, are they successfully authenticated. You need to create an MS Translator account first, and then create the MS Translator cloud configuration that connects using the credentials for your account.


Also I will suggest to use the correct credentials with correct licensen type.


Please refer the link here:





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Hey Asutosh,


The error is being thrown for the Microsoft Trial configuration. I've used that before and it seemed to work OOTB without any configuration. Does that require configuration now?