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Enrich Product Data with Associated AEM Content by Adobe


Learn how marketers can enrich product data with associated content from Adobe Experience Manager. Content, like assets, Experience Fragments, and Content Fragments in AEM can be associated with commerce products. Once associated, these content types can be dynamically inserted on to a placeholder within a product page or category page. This opens up a wide range of possibilities for marketers to target specific product page with additional content like images and video.

Digital assets can be associated with one or more product SKUs. Once associated, the digital asset can be discovered with key word searches based on the SKU. The asset will also automatically appear as associated content when editing a page that includes the relevant product, making it even easier to create your next digital experience

Experience Fragments are a feature of Adobe Experience Manager that allows a marketer to create unstructured re-usable content. Experience Fragments can be associated with a product SKU or catalog id. Once associated, marketers can easily discover related fragments based on products displayed on a page. Experience Fragments can also be dynamically included on a product catalog page through the use of a placeholder and association.

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Enrich Product Data with Associated AEM Content


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