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AEM as a Cloud Service Tutorials -> Flexible port egress by Adobe


Learn how to set up and use flexible port egress to support external connections from AEM as a Cloud Service to external services.

What is Flexible port egress?
Flexible port egress allows for custom, specific port forwarding rules to be attached to AEM as a Cloud Service, allowing connections from AEM to external services to be made.

A Cloud Manager Program can only have a single network infrastructure type. Ensure that dedicated egress IP address is the most appropriate type of network infrastructure for your AEM as a Cloud Service before executing the following commands.

Enable flexible port egress per program
Start by enabling the flexible port egress on AEM as a Cloud Service.

First, determine the region in which the Advanced Networking will be set up by using the Cloud Manager API listRegions operation. The region name will be required to make subsequent Cloud Manager API calls. Typically, the region the Production environment resides in is used.

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AEM as a Cloud Service Tutorials -> Flexible port egress


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