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Edge Delivery Services Licensing


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It's clear that Edge Delivery Services are part of Adobe Experience Manager, meaning any commercial usage should be backed by an AEM licenseHowever, if you follow the steps from https://www.aem.live/developer/tutorial, you can have any pet project in GitHub up and running without any request to Adobe.


Is it valid to say that Edge Delivery Services are available free of charge for pet/PoC/test projects? Are there any content request limits applied in such cases?


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Hi @stelmad 
The charges are based on per view.

for PoC/Test, you no need to pay but if you go for commercial use, you need to pay per view.


For more info, you can send email to Adobe.



Arun Patidar


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That was my assumption as well. Though, it might be a good idea to join the discord channel. Thanks.

Anyway, I'm waiting for a reply from the Adobe Support team. I'll provide an update later on.