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E-Mail button to send the Dynamic PDF form only as a read and print form (send & lock content)


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Hello everyone,

I am using Acrobat Pro DC 2015 and Adobe Livecycle Designer ES4 (Version: in Windows 10.

Create dynamic forms with the help of Designer.


I know the designer has expired, but I think the Java Script is the same.

Mach kindly sent me to this forum (which I didn't know until now), because AEM is the further development.

My Questions :-).

How can I use the existing E-Mail button to send the Dynamic PDF form only as a read and print form?

It should not be possible to change the text. Can I extend the Java script into the button?

Or would it be possible (for the sake of simplicity) to add Java script to the existing button?


Lastly, since I need to create some dynamic forms, what product would be an alternative solution to Designer for this?

Was pointed out about Experience Manager Forms...can I have it on my PC or is this only available as a cloud subscription version?

Can I create dynamic forms in the same way as with the designer?


I know many questions at once...every beginning is difficult, including mine,

I ask for your patience and understanding :).


Thanks in advance for any help.

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@NikoGR The newer product is called AEM forms designer. The functionality and the feature remain the same and even the way how you develop the pdfs.


While you send the pdf using submit button to the endpoint put a script to make the whole form read-only via script. The button script can be modified in the script editor once you select the button and check the click event.


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Maybe I didn't understand it correctly (no wonder as a beginner),
but which script should I insert in the existing e-mail button?
.. after such a script is actually the search.
Thx in Advance


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@NikoGR there is out of a box submit button that can submit to the endpoint. You can add your script to the editor before it.


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I know I'm asking too much, I probably need step-by-step instructions to understand what is meant. As a beginner, it's difficult to understand simple things quickly. At the same time, it can be very annoying for the helper...which I can understand.

I don't see a submit button.

I took the button from the insert-> standards and inserted it at the end.

My problem is that it sends the file in XML and at the same time I want it to no longer be editable after it has been sent, i.e. only reading and printing allowed.

What steps do I have to take?