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Hi Adobe Community


The dynamic media is loading the dict.lang.json in the author and dispatcher but in the Dispatcher it getting 404 for dict.*.json.

so I have added a filter for the dispatcher to load the particular JSON.

This Json is loading with a huge file size of 2.2MB

this is loading for the actual user pages also

Is it possible not to load the JSON for the user pages? 



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@chisre :

Dont you need json for the user pages, In such case, you can handle as not to load json at the user page level (may be restrict at component or page component level), instead of restricting that at dispatcher level.


If you dont need to load the json at all, then you can deny at the dispatcher level as below


/0002 { type "deny" /extension "json"}




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This file loads if some template is using i18n. First check your page template code- if it's loading this file. You can refer OOTB authoring page code - /libs/cq/gui/components/authoring/page/page.jsp (Just an example). Once you figure out the location you can either remove this if you are not using i18n or load it conditionally. 


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Hi @chisre ,

If you don't want to cache json for specific path, you can apply rule in filter section of dispatcher:

  /filter {
        /type "deny"
        /path "/content/<your-content-path>*"
        /extension '(json)'