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Do Your UX Designs Support Content Authors? by Tiffany Olejnik


If you’re like many other UX designers who are new to the Experience Manager (AEM) world, the idea of unleashing your pixel-perfect designs into the wild west of content authoring can be daunting. The user experience has gone through many rounds of revisions and feedback to finally reach a perfected version ready for launch. And yet, a new role will be modifying this same experience. How can we be sure the marketing team will maintain the integrity of the original designs?

As UX designers, our requirements are not unreasonable: We need to maintain the brand integrity, and support usability and accessibility for our site visitors, all while reigning in consistency across page layouts. In order to maintain that, designers will typically lock-down component capabilities and responsive behavior — potentially limiting content authoring to simple copy & paste tasks. Credibility is on the line, so requirements are created to guide the quality control of the published content.
But, this is actually creating challenges that impact the time it takes for content editors to edit and publish new pages (The industry term being: Content Velocity). Any change beyond text or image URLs requires development team effort. And as the business needs evolve over time, a larger component library grows — potentially causing even more development overhead to manage. So how do we find a happy balance?

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Do Your UX Designs Support Content Authors?


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