DITA-OT extract path



The documentation refers to specifying a file system path on the server's file system where DITA-OT.zip is/will be extracted. But, it is not working. I have these paths:

Profile extract path e:\dita-ot\Example\DITA-OT

AEM DITA-OT "Zip path" e:\dita-ot\Example\DITA-OT

Catalog e:\dita-ot\Example\DITA-OT\catalog-dita.xml

The error message is:

Failed to process catalog e:\dita-ot\Example\DITA-OT\catalog-dita.xml - skipping it javax.jcr.RepositoryException: Not an absolute path: e:\dita-ot\Example\DITA-OT\catalog-dita.xml

java.lang.Exception: Failed to extract DITA-OT from e:\dita-ot\Example\DITA-OT\ditaot-4752362628928365289 due to javax.jcr.RepositoryException: Not an absolute path: e:\dita-ot\Example\DITA-OT/jcr:content

If I use URIs I get an exception from java.nio.files.* so I think that means it's expected to be a file path. What am I missing?