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Deployment of WKND gives validate-dispatcher error


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I'm deploying the WKND demo application in the Cloud manager.

The WKND project was uploaded to the main branch of Adobe Cloud Git after being cloned from https://github.com/adobe/aem-guides-wknd 

The Pipeline fails at the "Build Images" stage with the following log entries:

2021/04/28 19:32:45 /tmp/dispatcher/unzippedConfiguration: unable to find any farm in 'conf.dispatcher.d/enabled_farms'
The command '/bin/sh -c AZCOPY="/usr/bin/azcopy" VALIDATOR_BINARY="/usr/bin/dispatcher-configuration-validator" HTTPD_BINARY="/usr/sbin/httpd" DISPATCHER_CONFIGURATION_LOCATION=$dispatcherConfigurationLocation DISPATCHER_CONFIGURATION_DESTINATION=$dispatcherConfigurationDestination DISPATCHER_IMAGE=$dispatcherImage RUN_MODE=$runmode ./validateDispatcherConfiguration.sh' returned a non-zero code: 2
2021/04/28 19:32:46 Container failed during run: validate-dispatcher. No retries remaining.
failed to run step ID: validate-dispatcher: exit status 2 


What is the proper approach to fix this?




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Hi pilmenkov,

Please open the repository of Cloud Manager and make sure that file type of default.farm is symlink.
You can find it under 'dispatcher\src\conf.dispatcher.d\enabled_farms'
It may have changed to a text file when copied.