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Deploy rep:policy files via maven in AEM 6.5 Using Archetype 28 and faced the error as acHandling is set to ignore


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Hi All,

I have created the AEM archetype 28 project and i am sharing my experience. If anyone face the build issue as per below error you can follow the steps mentioned below, This can help you.


I was deploying the rep:policy in my AEM using archetype-28 and i faced the below error:


[ERROR] ValidationViolation: "jackrabbit-accesscontrol: Found an access control list, but it is never considered during installation as the property 'acHandling' is set to 'IGNORE'!", filePath=jcr_root\content\dam\project\numbers\_rep_policy.xml, nodePath=/content/dam/project/numbers/rep:policy, line=3, column=31


Solving the above error :

Go to your ui-apps pom file and add the property under the "filevault-package-maven-plugin" configuration.For your reference please see the snapshot below.

acHandling options: - ignore - overwrite - merge - merge_preserve - clear




You can also add this in main POM (but i did not try this to add here , I added in the ui-app/pom.xml).



For More details. Please follow the jackrabbit.apache.org/filevault-package-maven-plugin and Jackrabbit+FileVault+Validation 


Thank You.


Good day..!!

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