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Demystifying Oak Search: Exploring Indexes with Luke by Daniel Klco


The Oak Indexes and Queries used by AEM and Apache Sling for searching content are powerful and cloaked in an aura of mystery. Let's work together to pierce that veil, so you can develop AEM / Apache Sling applications to take advantages of the strengths of searching in Oak without experiencing the painful pitfalls.

Let's start with Oak Indexes, the feature that makes Oak queries performant.

To understand something, we must observe it. While there are some features in AEM to give us a glimpse into the indexes, such as:

Oak Index Stats WebConsole
Oak Index Definitions WebConsole
Lucene Index statistics MBean
However, they provide a limited, abstracted view of the indexes. We need to dive deeper. To do so, we can use a tool called Luke to open and explore the Lucene indexes used by AEM & Apache Sling.

An aside on Lucene vs Other Index Types

This series will be referring to Lucene indexes as AEM as a Cloud Service only supports specifying Lucene indexes and Lucene indexes have a much richer and more robust feature set than property indexes. You can read more on Property indexes in the Oak documentation. Elastic indexes are implemented with a different tech stack than Lucene indexes, but are (as of now) functionally identical to Lucene indexes.

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Demystifying Oak Search: Exploring Indexes with Luke


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