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Debugging AEM SDK by Adobe


AEM SDK’s local quickstart is the primary development environment used by developers, and supports a myriad of ways to debug AEM and deployed applications. This user guide takes, you through some of the more common debug tools and consoles for debugging your application on the AEM SDK’s local quickstart.

Logs act as the frontline for debugging AEM applications, but are dependent on adequate logging in the deployed AEM application.

Debugging AEM SDK using logs

Remote debugging
Remote debugging of Java code running in AEM SDK’s local quickstart allows for the step-through of live code execution in AEM from your IDE.

Remote debugging the AEM SDK

OSGi web consoles
The AEM SDK’s local quickstart has an OSGi web console that provides a variety of information and introspections into the local AEM runtime that are useful to understand how your application is recognized by, and functions within AEM.

Debugging the AEM SDK using the OSGi web console

Other tools
A variety of other tools can aid in debugging your application on the AEM SDK’s local quickstart.

Other tools for debugging AEM SDK

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Debugging AEM SDK


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