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Day 19 - Queries In AEM (Part I) by Red Quark


Hello good people ! Welcome to yet another day of AEM Developer Series. Today, we are going to discuss Queries in AEM. Search functionality is the backbone of almost all the enterprise web applications and AEM is no exception.

AEM provides the QueryBuilder API to perform search operations in the JCR.

A Query Builder is nothing but a wrapper for a query engine. What’s a query engine, you ask? Read on…

Query Engine
Simply put, a query engine is a piece of software that is positioned on top of a database which interprets commands given by the users and does what is told. In other words, it is in charge of implementing query functionalities against the database and provides answers to the users/applications.

Since we already know JCR is also a database which stores application data in the form of nodes and properties. If we wish to query this data then we would also need a query engine that understands JCR to implement query on, you guessed it right, JCR ::.

For this purpose, the intelligent folks at Adobe created a query engine for Jackrabbit Oak which is called Oak Query Engine. The users/applications will make queries to Oak Query Engine which will then execute and provide the results.

Query Builder
As we just learned that Oak Query Engine is responsible of executing queries. But where are the queries ? Who provides them? And how would the user know what syntax they need to use for their queries? Burning questions… right? But fret not, this is why we are reading this post .

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Day 19 - Queries In AEM (Part I)


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