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DAM Parse Word Documents - How to use it


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I am working on AEM6. I would like a tool to import Word Doc into AEM.

I noticed there is a Offline importer which extract and convert a Word Doc a page and a default model workflow called DAM Parse Word Documents. I would like to use the workflow, but still did not find how to use it. Do I run the workflow within a existing page? where do I import the Word Doc?

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See this older thread - it may help you:


Another options that you have to work with Word docs in workflows is to write a custom Workflow step and use this API: 


You can use an Apache API as well:

https://www.tutorialspoint.com/apache_poi_word/apache_poi_word_document.htm (or another Java Word API)

This will make a good HELPX community article - we will add this to the list. 


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Thanks for your reply.

I had already a look on the first thread, and In fact, it was one of the reason I want to have a look on the Workflow solution.

For now, I just want to know how the default Dam Parse Word Documents  Model Workflow works and I have still no idea how it works.

The idea later is to build my own workflow but I need to start with the default workflow from Adobe.



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As there seems to be lack of docs on this, i will check with product team to determine this. I sispect to get it to work how you want it, you need to write a custom step. Parsing a word doc and processing the extracted data is something that needed to be customized.


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See this blog: http://scottsdigitalcommunity.blogspot.ca/2017/01/creating-adobe-experience-manager-htl.html

The Java code will be part of a HTL component. However - you can just as easily write a workflow custom step with the same Java logic and same dependencies as shown in the article.