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Custom Indexes in AEMaaCS not updating in build pipeline


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Hi AEM Community,


We are pushing some custom indexes (updating) via code to Stage and Prod.

But for some reason couple of indexes are not getting updated.


We have tried couple of builds but nothing worked until we tried the below-

We installed an empty package to remove the indexing and then triggered the build. That worked!


Any ideas on what might have caused this issue?



Best Regards,

Rohan Garg


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Hello @Rohan_Garg 


Did the custom index had updates this time? If yes, was the version number incremented?


The old and new indexes coexist during AEMaaCS deployments for some time. Source https://experienceleague.adobe.com/docs/experience-manager-cloud-service/content/operations/indexing... 


After upgrading to the new version is complete, old indexes can be garbage collected by the system. The old indexes might still stay for some time, to speed up rollbacks (if a rollback should be needed).

Aanchal Sikka


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@aanchal-sikka - Thanks for your response!

No there were no updates other than the one which we wanted to originally deploy.

Using the same name without a version number has apparently led to this issue. The reindexing was not complete even after 6h post deployment which was weird.

We tried the below fix (without empty package installation) which worked as per Index Management

The <indexName>-custom-<customerVersionNumber> is needed for AEM as a Cloud Service to mark it as a replacement for an existing index.




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Hi @Rohan_Garg 
In AEMaaCS The indexing happened even before the deployment, so if you don't have index with new version, the index changes will not be reflecting 

Arun Patidar


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Hi @arunpatidar, this actually happened for only 3/10 indexes we updated.

For the others the new index definition was available without the new version specification as well. But yes new version should always be added to the index. Thanks!