Custom admins are not able to impersonate other non-admin users




Problem statement

I have a custom group with admin permissions given to it. Any user with this group should be able to impersonate other non-admin users. I have given all the permissions so that's not the issue. I tried adding a user under the impersonator tab and this works but this is not what I want since I can't do this for each user.

Is there a way to achieve this?

I think it takes us to this location - /libs/granite/ui/components/shell/userproperties

But I'm not sure what is going wrong. When I login as a custom admin and try to impersonate a non-admin user, it logs me out. But it works when I try it as an admin.

Screen Shot 2019-03-18 at 3.48.47 PM.png

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Accepted Solutions (1)




admin is a special user in aim it is like superuser, it can do everything. Custom group with admin permission is not equivalent to admin user

By default, only CQ admin user can impersonate others for testing purposes. Often times, you need a non-admin user to test out others' account. For that, it is possible for a non-admin user to impersonate another person as long as it was set-up before hand.

Say you are 'A' and wish to impersonate 'B', you would need to open up B's profile (using 'admin' account), and add 'A' as an impersonator:

  1. Log on as Admin.
  2. Pull up user profile of user A http://<host>:<post>/useradmin
  3. Search for 'B', double click on 'B'.
  4. Click on B's 'impersonator' tab.
  5. Search for 'A' on the upper-left search box.
  6. Drag 'A' into the right 'impersonator' panel.
  7. save

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