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CSV asset importer adds _LINE_TERMINATED.


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While using CSV asset importer for bulk updating metadata fields in aem, if the text contains line breaks _LINE_TERMINATED " text appears. Please let me know how can i solve this issue.

Original text :



Territory: Worldwide


Duration: 1 Year, Any Social Media postings within this duration can remain online in perpetuity.



Usage: Unlimited/unrestricted use including but not limited to all collateral (in-store, DM, brochures, POS), industrial (tradeshows,

domestic/intl in-flight, conventions/jumbotrons, in-stadium, in-theater/cinema, kiosks, sales meetings, internal use), PR (agency

and client promotion), electronic and digital media (web, global podcasts, Apps, QR codes, Banners, Interactive Media, mobile

downloads, ecommerce, social media) and any new media that should become available during the term.

Use is for all images captured.


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Can you confirm if CSV file contains the following parameters as defined below?




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@vanegi, none of the above parameters are mandatory. So mostly thats not an issue. Also for all the other assets, i am not facing any issue, only for line breaks we are getting the error.