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Create your first React SPA in AEM by Adobe Docs


Welcome to a multi-part tutorial designed for developers new to the SPA Editor feature in Adobe Experience Manager (AEM). This tutorial walks through the implementation of a React application for a fictitious lifestyle brand, the WKND. The React app will be developed and designed to be deployed with AEM's SPA Editor, which maps React components to AEM components. The completed SPA, deployed to AEM, can be dynamically authored with traditional in-line editing tools of AEM.

The tutorial is designed to work with AEM as a Cloud Service and is backwards compatible with AEM 6.5.4+ and AEM 6.4.8+ . The SPA is implemented using:
1. Maven AEM Project Archetype
2. AEM SPA Editor
3. Core Components
4. React JS
5. Create React App

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Create your first React SPA in AEM


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