Create offer request failed - error while syncing an activity from AEM to Adobe Target



I am getting "Create Offer Request Failed!" error while pushing an activity from AEM to Adobe Target.


Log Entries:

{"httpStatus":403,"requestId":"qaYhfw4FXTWREsiNLNl1RBVjOSrmZ0kC","requestTime":"2020-04-16T13:25:19.697Z","errors":[{"errorCode":"Forbidden.Resource","message":"Access denied. To perform this operation, all of the following privileges are required \"[editor]\"."}]}


As mentioned in this post, I have also provided "Editor" product role to my integration. Is there any thing that I may be missing? One more thing to note here is the target workspace. When it is "Default Workspace" it works fine. If the workspace is anything other than "Default Workspace" I get the above error.



aem6.5 Personalization Target Target API

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)




Thanks for your request. I am assuming you are using IMS integration. Could you confirm you AEM version?


For AEM 6.5.1, as documented in [2], the customers should follow approach as mentioned in [1]. 

AEM 6.5.2 onwards customers can choose to use [3]. It seems like you have followed [3] in your AEM 6.5.1 environment.




Please confirm if you are not using Adobe I/o and what is your AEM version?