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Core Component List "Display as teaser " option on 2nd Tab is not working.


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Hi All,

I have a list component on a page where I have authored Parent Page and Child depth 1. Under parent page, I have created 2 pages and authored teaser and image component on these 2 child pages. When I choose link items, show description and show date its coming as expected. But when I choose "Display as teaser" option shown below. I am getting null OR nothing is shown for the list component.



Can anybody please help me to make it work? 

My investigation: See the list.html file.

The below code: 

<li data-sly-test="${list.displayItemAsTeaser && item.teaserResource}"
class="cmp-list__item" data-sly-call="${teaserTemplate.teaser @ item = item}"

This is the code for "display as teaser" option. Here list.displayItemAsTeaser is true but item.teaserResource is always null. I tried to print this value but nothing came up. How can I get  item.teaserResource here. Any pointers are appreciated? 



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Hey @maans ,

Not sure if you have figured it out already, but adding this for others who face the same issue.

In the list component, example /apps/<<project-name>>/components/list set the teaserDelegate value to core/wcm/components/teaser/v2/teaser and this should fix it.