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Coral-fileupload not indicating that if file is selected by the user



 After clicking the upload option and selecting the file, the file does not get displayed on UI while using <coral-fileupload>. Its not working either on https://developer.adobe.com/experience-manager/reference-materials/6-5/coral-ui/coralui3/Coral.FileU....



I have created custom tools on AEM UI and creating body content using coral ui where I need to upload files to process.

Is there any other way we can create upload files section and call the servlet in AEM UI tools



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Hi @Amsalek4 

In terms of creating an alternative upload section and invoking a servlet in AEM UI tools, it largely depends on your specific use case. You have several options, such as creating custom components with file upload functionality, utilizing the built-in cq:dialog or <coral-dialog>, and implementing a servlet to handle file processing.

Although you can consider this as well: 


When you encounter an issue with the <coral-fileupload> component in Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) 6.5 where the uploaded file isn't displayed on the UI, it's important to troubleshoot the problem methodically. Here are some key points to consider:


Permissions: First, ensure that the user or group accessing the AEM instance has the necessary permissions to view the uploaded files. Incorrect permissions can result in files not being displayed.


Browser Compatibility: Different browsers can behave differently when rendering AEM components. Check if the issue is specific to a particular browser, as this can guide your troubleshooting.


Component Configuration: Review the configuration of the <coral-fileupload> component in your dialog or template. Pay attention to properties like uploadUrl and make sure they are correctly configured.


JavaScript Errors: Inspect your browser's developer console for any JavaScript errors. These errors can provide valuable insights into what might be causing the issue. Common issues include conflicts with other JavaScript libraries or incorrect client libraries setup.


Network Requests: Utilize your browser's network tab to monitor the HTTP requests being made. Ensure that the file is indeed being uploaded and retrieved correctly.