Contexthub.kernel.js 404 on publish 6.4

mlds06 31-10-2018

Hello !

We just pushed live the AEM 6.4 version today - and i noticed an issue with the contexthub kernel js file. is giving a 404 while it was ok on the 6.2.

I tested directly via IP on the publisher (to go without dispatcher)

https://IP_OF_6.4_PUBLISH:5433/etc/cloudsettings/default/contexthub.kernel.js and still the same 404 (so not related to any dispatcher rule)

On 6.2 version - it is served correctly.


Does anyone got any idea of what can be wrong. COde and configuration are stricly the same.

Last addition - the contexthub.kernel.js is served well on the author machine.

It is extremly urgent as we are already live.


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

mlds06 31-10-2018

Hello !

In fact just need to Change sling:resourceType from




on the contexthub configuration (/etc/cloudsettings/...) did the trick (we were already having the rest).

Thanks a lot for your support

It's now solved !