Content fragment import using CSV importer



How we can import the content fragment using CSV importer in 6.3 versions ? Do we need to use content manager API for it ? If yes, then which method we can use for it.





Can you please point to the JavaDocs you are referring to when you say Content Manager API.

Can you please refer to the doc topic you are following to perform this use case.




Hi smacdonald2008,

Thanks for replying. I am referring the below javadocs-

ContentFragmentManager ("The Adobe AEM Quickstart and Web Application.")

and below method for contentFragment

ContentFragment create(Resource parent,

   Resource template,

   String name,

   String title)

  throws ContentFragmentException

I want to migrate content fragments from other framework into AEM using CSV importer.

I am able to successfully import the normal asset with CSV importer using Asset Manager API: com.day.cq.dam.api.AssetManager  and with below method

Asset createAsset(String path,

   InputStream is,

  String mimeType,

  boolean doSave)

In the above method "path" act as a target (absTargetPath of CSV importer) where we to create or upload the asset inside Crx and inputStream act as the source path (relSrcPath of the CSV importer) from where we will upload the asset into AEM.

Same approach I am trying for contentFragment using ContentFragment API, but somehow I am not able achieve it.