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Content Fragment Cheatsheet by Aemproblog


Content fragments are containers of:
1. Textual content
2. Collection of Assets (Associated Assets) eg Images, Video, documents etc
Content in CF can be consumed by AEM pages or third party applications as JSON data also called content as service (CAS).

CF are mainly classified into 2 categories:
1. Unstructured
2. Structured (Backed by Content Models)

CF are exported to third party applications using either of the below 2 methods:
1. AEM Page – .model.json
This method is used when content need to be used along with template structure. Third party applications can add styling around the structure

2. HTTP API – /api/assets/.json
CF Path – http://localhost:4502/content/dam/we-retail/en/stores/store-1

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Content Fragment Cheatsheet


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