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Configure AEM Forms Analytics Module Using Adobe Launch


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I'm trying to validate whether it is feasible to configure the Adobe AEM Forms Analytics Module in our implementation. I'm looking at the configuration steps for setting this module up and its all based on the legacy Cloud Configs setups and the Analytics Framework configurations, where you do the cq-variable to analytics variable mappings in AEM itself. We're really most interested in leveraging the Module as it does the data-capturing for AEM form analytics, but we don't mind necessarily as much about the reporting features within AEM as we would be able to see the reports in Analysis Workspace or Reports and Analytics.

We are trying to, as a standard, use Adobe Launch for all client side tags, so for everything else (non-AEM Forms ) that we are capturing in terms of analytics datapoints we are using a Data Layer and Adobe Launch's Analytics Extension and just deploying the Adobe Launch embed code to all of the site pages.

So my two questions are:

1) Is there a way, to setup the AEM Forms Analytics Module within Adobe Launch?

2) If there is no way to leverage that module by configuring it in Adobe Launch, would configuring it using the AEM Analytics Framework break or potentially conflict with the rest of all the Analytics that will come from the Adobe Launch embed code, that covers all the non-AEM Forms Analytics?

Note: we are using: AEM 6.4.3 and AEM Forms 5.1.42 (Package: adobe-aemfd-linux-pkg-5.1.42.zip)

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Below id a good read for your usecase.

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