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com.day.cq.search.eval.PredicateEvaluator AEM 6.4


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Hello Team,

I am seeing an issue with predicateEvaluator (com.day.cq.search.eval.PredicateEvaluator)

When I try creating a new custom predicate it is being disabled, I also see all the OOTB predicates disabled.

I even tried to follow guidelines given in adobe article here, this predicateEvaluator also went into the disabled state.

Implementing a Custom Predicate Evaluator for the Query Builder

There are number of out of the box searchpredicates on 6.4 server which seem to be disabled.

Has anyone else came across this issue?

Thank you,


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It might be possible that these component are configured to have activation delayed. With a delayed component, the component is activated as needed during the run-time. There is no need to explicitly start the component.