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clientlibs not loading properly on dispatcher


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Hi, We are using AEMaaCS, we are observing the intermittent issues for clientlibrary on dispatchers.

If I am trying to open a page using dispatcher URL some times everything works fine but after sometime if we use the same dispatcher url clientlibs are not loading, there is no recent code deployment too. We are suspecting the issue is with one particular dispatcher where the clientlibs are not there or resolving, so how can we troubleshoot it further. This is happening on both DEV and STAGE environments.



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Hi @chalamcharla as you have mentioned sometimes clientlibs are loading and it is intermittent issue. So most probably this issue might be due to some caching rules.

Use query param(you just append any query param in page url for debugging purpose eg. your-page-url?q=something) to hit the page for debug purpose(as in general url with query params are not cached) and if either all the time it works or all the time it doesn't works.

You can conclude caching rules issue.


Note:- keep changing query (q) params value eg..








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Hi @MukeshYadav_, we are trying with query params too, but still the issue is same.



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Could you provide some screenshots for requests from the network tab when the clientlibs are loading and when they are not loading ? 


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The way code is deployed into AEMaaCS will prevent the scenario you described, where one publisher serves updated content while another serves old content. Were you able to reproduce this issue in the Author environment or locally? Please check the dispatcher logs to see if clientlibs are being requested and possibly cached.


Hope this helps

Esteban Bustamante

Hi, thanks for the reply, since in AEMaaCS the deployment happens through pipeline and for all publishers the same code should have got merged, we couldn't replicate it on AUTHOR and in dispatcher logs we are getting 404 for clientlibs when the request failed to load clientlibs and 200 when it is able to load( we mean in one publisher it is 404 and on another it 200) 



@chalamcharla Did you find the suggestion helpful? Please let us know if you require more information. Otherwise, please mark the answer as correct for posterity. If you've discovered a solution yourself, we would appreciate it if you could share it with the community. Thank you! 

Kautuk Sahni