Can I restructure in AEM 6.3

Matt-H- 28-05-2019

I know that to upgrade to AEM 6.4 or 6.5 you need to do a lot of restructuring to get things out of /etc. Does AEM 6.3 support those restructuring changes? As in, if, on my custom code, I start making the restructuring changes needed for 6.4/6.5, moving things around and changing the references in code, but still run 6.3, will things keep working or will things start breaking?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)


AEM code in 6.3 is not aware of new locations introduced in 6.4 and it is not recommended to move nodes from "/etc" till you move to 6.4 and above.

You can move the custom nodes to the new location but do not move and core folders(/etc/workflow etc.)

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