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Caching vanity url's in dispatcher.


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Hi All,

Can you please explain and share some updated document that how the caching can be done for vanity url's and also how the cache will be invalidate on page activation for vanity url enabled pages. We have the centralized location for vanity url's and same path we have mentioned in dispatcher file to access those vanity url's.


Sahil Garg

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hi Arun,

Thanks for reply!!!!

Is it mean dispatcher will cache the vanity url's on there own and to invalidate that we have to make changes under the replication agent?

Or do we need to make some configuration changes to cache the vanity url's.

Thanks in Advance.


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Dispatcher cache everything except a document in the following circumstances:

  • If the request URI contains a question mark ("?").
  • This usually indicates a dynamic page, such as a search result that does not need to be cached.
  • The file extension is missing.
    The web server needs the extension to determine the document type (the MIME-type).
  • The authentication header is set (this can be configured)
  • Methods other than GET or HEAD (for the HTTP header) are not cacheable by the Dispatcher by default.
  • If the AEM instance responds with the following headers:
    • no-cache
    • no-store
    • must-revalidate

Arun Patidar