binaryless AzureDataStore, confusing config



Hey! I'm in the process of setting up an some AEM machines in azure, using a shared blob store. I'm following the guide here:

Configuring node stores and data stores in AEM 6

Everything seems to be going well, but I'm confused by one of the available configs:


Besides the settings above, the following settings can also be configured:


secret: Only to be used if using binaryless replication for shared datastore setup.


I can't figure out what this setting is supposed to be used for as I don't see it mentioned in the "Configuring binaryless replication" section, and I have not had good fortunes googling.


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Accepted Solutions (1)




I can confirm that the "secret" parameter is used for binaryless replication for shared datastore setup, and is to be kept the same between instances sharing the data store.

You can think of it as a namespace defined for the shared structure. So, you can set it to anything as long as it is same on the other AEM machine using the Same datastore



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