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Backup Image to S3


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I want to backup all content/images/component to S3 with a scheduler, package will zip folder.

Any ideas please help share with me, because the image folder will be large.

Many Thanks


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Hi @dante8888 

 AEM to Amazon S3 with a scheduler and package them into a zip folder:

  1. Set up an AWS S3 bucket: Create an S3 bucket in your AWS account where you will store the backup files.

  2. Install and configure AWS CLI: Install the AWS Command Line Interface (CLI) on your AEM server and configure it with your AWS credentials. You can find installation instructions for your specific operating system in the AWS CLI documentation.

  3. Create a backup script: Write a script that will perform the backup process. The script should include the following steps:

    • Create a temporary directory to store the backup files.
    • Use the AEM Package Manager to create a package of all the content, images, and components you want to backup.
    • Download the package to the temporary directory.
    • Package the temporary directory into a zip file.
    • Upload the zip file to the S3 bucket using the AWS CLI s3 cp command.
    • Remove the temporary directory and zip file.