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Author customization of layout container grid size


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I'm trying to allow authors to drag multiple layout containers onto a page and allow each one to have a customizable grid size. We've been using editable templates so far but from what i'm seeing with testing/reading in the documentation it doesn't sound like that's possible unless we use static templates so design mode can be enabled. Is that correct or am I missing something?





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HI @EV909 , what i understand is you are trying to have multiple layout containers with different grid sizes on the same page, for this you don't have to deal with it at the template level.

You can allow Layout Container available in General on your Page & just author its grids size from Responsive Settings. 


Follow these steps given with screenshots for your reference.


Step 1: Drag & Drop Layout Container component on your page.



Step 2: Resize the Layout Container Component using the switch icon and add more of them as you needed.






Step 3:  Author them accordingly.




Hope this Helps



Aditya Chabuku


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Thanks Aditya,


Yes that is the general idea of what I'm trying to do but ideally I'd want the layout containers to still span across the entire page, just changing the size of the components within those containers. So if i had two layout containers stacked on the page with different grid sizes, it would look more like -


When changing the layout of a component in the first layout container:



When changing the layout of a component in the second layout container:



This doesn't seem possible with editable templates because there's no way to define the grid columns of the layout container component since the author doesn't have access to design mode.