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App builder local environment setup


Level 3

Hello There, 

i have completed local prerequisite and adobe IO app setup for my App builder application.

However during App bootstrapping process via AIO console could not able get /list my org  

command is 


$ aio login

once successful login

$ aio app init helloworld

not getting any message after init


would appreciate guidance here.


Thank you 

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Level 8

hi @Rite18 

Did you get user token as response after you completed the login step. This is needed for the CLI to communicate with the developer console.


Also there could be another issue with the proxy setup . Since you are not getting any message after init it can be also due to you organizational n/w restrictions . You can try setting up HTTP_PORXY and HTTPS_PROXY and then restart the console and try the same step.




Community Advisor

Hi @Rite18 Could be that the session you are in has expired. If you keep on trying post that you will do not get any result.

Can you try re-login once.

You can use the below commands:

Hope this helps!



Level 3

Thank you for your reply @Shailesh_Bassi_  it seems to be an issue with Windows powershell, [ worked on Linux console ] also overall onboarding document on the Adobe side is not correct, i am requesting Adobe to make updates